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Dawg dans Anglais
a person, usually a good friend:"Hey dawg, whus up?"

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Dawg or DAWG may refer to:
  • Directed acyclic word graph, a computer science data structure
  • Directed acyclic word graph, an alternative name for the Deterministic acyclic finite state automaton computer science data structure
  • Dawg, the nickname of American mandolinist David Grisman
  • Dawg, a fictional dog from the DC Comics series, Lobo
  • Dawg, a companion of The Dandy comics Desperate Dan
  • a fan of the Cleveland Browns
  • Dawg (film), a romantic-comedy film (also known as Bad Boy) starring Liz Hurley and Denis Leary
  • Informal nickname used by University of Georgia Bulldog athletics
  • Informal nickname used by University of Washington Husky athletics
  • Deputy's Advisory Working Group, a governance body within the United States Department of Defense
  • Dawg- A Up and Coming Hip Hop Artist

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Friend. "Whasup, dawg?"

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Dawg = n. a portion, or share

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Dawg dans Russe
рэпперское обращение друг к другу; особенно присуще рэпперам c Западного побережья США

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Dawg dans Hongrois

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