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Agobiar dans Anglais
oppress, burden, load; grind down

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Agobiar dans Espagnol

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Agobiar dans Bulgare
 1. tr 1) прегъвам, привеждам, превивам (тялото); 2) огъвам, навеждам; 3) прен. потискам; смазвам, измъчвам; 4) прен. изморявам; обременявам; 2. prnl 1) прегърбвам се; 2) огъвам се под тежест.

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Agobiar dans Catalan
aclaparar, afeixugar, atordir

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Agobiar dans Allemand

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Agobiar dans Anglais
(v.) = haunt ; weigh down ; harry ; stress ; overburden ; sledge ; oppress.
Ex: Some authors, of course, object to their work being subjected to compulsory dissection for exams in the traditional deadly manner and like Bernard Shaw, they swear to haunt anyone who so mistreats them (Shaw's ghost must be busy these days).
Ex: The passages describing the environment, though lushly written, are inclined to weigh down the narrative thrust of the novel.
Ex: They stayed there for the winter, and spent the succeeding three summers harrying the coasts of Ireland and Scotland, after which they returned to Norway.
Ex: The animals are captured for only a few minutes, to avoid stressing them too much.
Ex: Our prison system is greatly overburdened by non-violent drug offenders.
Ex: The batsman were sledged beyond words, harassed and were pressured into making mistakes.
Ex: Christians, Jews, and Muslims show rare case of unity by oppressing gays and lesbians.
* agobiarse = fret ; stew ; stress + Nombre + out ; get + stressed.
* agobiarse de calor = swelter.
* agobiarse por = fret about.
* no agobiarse = take + Posesivo + time.
(v.) = fret ; stew ; stress + Nombre + out ; get + stressed.
Ex: So stop fretting that UK unemployment is rising as the tax burden soars, consumers stop spending and North Sea oil runs dry. Ex: He was unhappy about Rosecrans grabbing the limelight and just getting too big for his breeches and decided to let him stew a little bit. Ex: Forty percent of Americans say it stresses them out too much to think about health care and costs. Ex: When she got stressed we would back off until she showed interest again a few weeks later.

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Agobiar dans Finlandais
painaa, vaivata, rasittaa, aiheuttaa huolta olla raskaan työtaakan alaisena

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