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Traduction du Callejones

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Callejones dans Anglais
alley, lane; passage, passageway; backstreet; impasse

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Callejones dans Catalan
atzucacs, carrerons, cul-de-sacs

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Callejones dans Anglais

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(n.) = back alley ; side-street ; side lane ; alley ; alleyway ; back lane.
Ex: The copy was grubby from use, a paperback with a photographically realistic full-color painting on its cover of an early teenage boy slumped in what looked to me like a corner of a very dirty back alley, a can of Coke in his hand.
Ex: To gain an idea of the fineness of detail necessary to produce the circuit elements on the chip, imagine a map of the British Isles showing sufficient detail to identify even the narrowest side-street in London.
Ex: The back entrance is off of Huntington Avenue in a service road/side lane behind the Prudential Tower.
Ex: The article is entitled 'The Internet: superhighways, virtual alleys and dead end streets'.
Ex: Upon questioning we find that those eminently pragmatic down-to-earth notions dwell in the darkest alleyways of metaphysics.
Ex: You don't know me, but I live in one of the apartments across the back lane from your house.
* callejón de servicio = service road.
* callejón oscuro = dark alley.
* callejón sin salida = blind alley ; catch 22 ; cul-de-sac ; dead end ; impasse ; dead end street ; deadlock ; standoff ; double bind ; no-way-out street.

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