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Igualado dans Anglais
cheeky, insolent equalize, level; make even; balance; match; compare be equal to, be identical to -, be of the same value as -, be the same as -

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Igualado dans Bulgare
 a adj изгладен, подравнен; изравнен.

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Igualado dans Allemand

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Igualado dans Anglais
= neck and neck.
Ex: In recent months, DC has continued to close the gap, and the two leaders are now virtually neck and neck = En los últimos meses, DC ha continuado acortando distancias y ahora los dos líderes van bastante parejos.
(v.) = equal ; equate (with/to) ; level ; place + Nombre + on the same footing as ; equalise [equalize, -USA] ; equalise [equalize, -USA].
Ex: Wilson charge a flat one-time fee for backfiles of each data base which equals a one-year subscription to that file.
Ex: These new symbols can be equated with the symbols 'x' and 'xx' that are used currently in many authority listings to convey the same meaning.
Ex: Academic librarians have seen their budgets levelled and shrinking and have witnessed serials prices spiralling out of control.
Ex: The programme promotes the true integration of librarians into clinical teams and places them on the same footing as case workers, nutritionists and pharmacists.
Ex: Ronaldo wasted a golden chance to equalise with a header that went wide.
Ex: Ears can continue to feel blocked even after landing if the pressure in the middle ear has failed to equalise.
* igualar a = bring + Nombre + to a par with.
* igualar las condiciones para todos = level + the playing field.

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Igualado dans Finlandais
tasaveroinen, tasapuolinen

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