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važa (plv. vâcak, aves. vâc)
=> fra. à demi-mot, à mots couverts
=> fra. (avoir) le dernier mot
But identity is a precise conception, and no word, in ordinary speech, stands for anything precise. Ordinary speech does not distinguish between identity and close similarity. A word always applies, not only to one particular, but to a group of associated particulars, which are not recognized as multiple in common thought or speech.
A vague word is not to be identified with a general word, though in practice the distinction may often be blurred. A word is general when it is understood to be applicable to a number of different objects in virtue of some common property. A word is vague when it is in fact applicable to a number of different objects because, in virtue of some common property, they have not appeared, to the person using the word, to be distinct.
Vague words precede judgments of identity and difference; both general and particular words are subsequent to such judgments.

(B. RUSSELL, The Analysis of Mind )
... so far as it is purely linguistic, it is proper to give weight to common usage in arriving at a definition. But the ways in which it is convinient to use words change with changes in our knowledge.

(B. RUSSELL, My philosophical development, p. 186)
« Tous les pouvoirs, ont-ils rappelé, créent des mots pour nous obliger à penser comme eux. »
Dans le monde social, les mots sont des armes, et les luttes sur les mots, le sens et la portée qu'on leur donne ne sont pas vaines ou superflues.

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