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A-one, excellent, outstanding; of first quality, first rate, of the highest quality, quality "A"; first class; first rate

This X-11 table will show the original series, prior to any initial user-defined or trading-day adjustment. Note that for quarterly series, no prior adjustment factors can be specified, and the original series will be shown as table B 1 .
For more information, see X-11 Census Method II Seasonal Adjustment .

1 pint Dark Rum
1 pound Rock Candy
1 dozen Eggs
1 dozen lemons
Squeeze the juice from al the lemons into a crock pot. Break eggs, add
them to the lemon juice, with the shells included. Cover with damp cloth.
let it sit for a few days until the egg shells dissolve. Strain through
cheese cloth into another pot, Boil rum, rock candy, and a quart of water
in a saucepan until smooth. Combine with egg mixture and bottle.

a 1
\a 1\ (ā wŭn). a registry mark given by underwriters (as at lloyd's) to ships in first-class condition. inferior grades are indicated by a 2 and a 3.
note: a 1 is also applied colloquially to other things to imply superiority; prime; first-class; first-rate.

A registry mark given by underwriters (as at Lloyd's) to ships in first-class condition. Inferior grades are indicated by A 2 and A 3.


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