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General Information:
 Chemical Formula:
(Molecular Weight = 336.13 gm)
Calcium 11.92 % Ca
Aluminum 16.05 % Al
Hydrogen 3.00 % H 
Carbon 7.15 % C 
Oxygen 61.88 % O 
 Empirical Formula:
Secondary mineral associated with allophane.
 IMA Status:
Accepted IMA 1976
Khakassky district, Russia.
 Name Origin:
Named after its chemical composition.
Physical Properties:
[100] Perfect, [010] Imperfect
chalky white, bluish white, violet, light yellow, or gray.
Transparent to subtranslucent
Spherical - Spherical, rounded aggregates., Acicular - Occurs as needle-like crystals., Massive - Fibrous - Distinctly fibrous fine-grained forms.
2.5 - Finger Nail
Vitreous (Glassy)
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CaAl2(CO3)2(OH)3 3(H2O) Alumopharmacosiderite KAl4(AsO4)3(OH)4 6.5(H2O)

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