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australian pitcher plant
australian pitcher plant, the cephalotus follicularis, a low saxifragaceous herb having two kinds of radical leaves, some oblanceolate and entire, others transformed into little ovoid pitchers, longitudinally triple-winged and ciliated, the mouth covered with a lid shaped like a cockleshell...
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Cephalotus ( or ; Greek: κεφαλή "head", and οὔς/ὠτός "ear", to describe the head of the anthers) is a genus which contains one species, Cephalotus follicularis the Australian pitcher plant, a small carnivorous pitcher plant. The pit-fall traps of the modified leaves have inspired the common names for this plant, which include Albany pitcher plant, Western Australian pitcher plant, fly-catcher plant or mocassin plant.

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1. carnivorous perennial herb having a red-brown-marked green pitcher and hinged lid both with red edges; western Australia
(synonym) Cephalotus follicularis
(hypernym) herb, herbaceous plant
(member-holonym) Cephalotus, genus Cephalotus

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