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quick; accelerated; (Latin America) nervous, jumpy
impetuous person
accelerate, cause to move or happen faster, hasten; increase the speed of, quicken
speed up; hurry, make haste, rush



(adj.) = exponential ; rushed ; quickened ; fast-paced [fast paced] ; hurry up ; rapid paced ; accelerated.
Ex: Information technology continues to develop at an exponential rate.
Ex: Leforte could usually identify those footsteps easily; but today they sounded more rushed that what could normally be expected from the cataloging head.
Ex: For a storyteller preparation is like rehearsal for an orchestra; there will be passages that need emphasis, and some that need a slow pace, others that need a quickened tempo, and so on = La preparación de un narrador de cuentos es como el ensayo de una orquesta; habrá pasajes que necesiten énfasis, otros un ritmo lento, otros un ritmo acelerado, etcétera.
Ex: Access to current, reliable quality news is an important need in the fast-paced environment of all large corporations and service organisations.
Ex: A library, even a small one in a home or a public place takes us out of our noisy, hurry up, present-minded lives and into what Keats called the world of 'silence and slow time'.
Ex: This is a rapid paced, 30 minute session that introduces students to the concept of a search strategy and to various reference sources in print.
Ex: The author locates the waning educational computing craze in the historical context of an ed-tech trajectory that has brought visions of accelerated academic achievement followed by disappointment.
* crecimiento acelerado = rising tide ; mushrooming growth.
* curso acelerado = crash course.
* de ritmo muy acelerado = hard-driving.
* programa acelerado = crash program(me).
(v.) = accelerate ; expedite ; speed ; speed up ; hasten ; pick up + speed ; fast track ; jump-start [jumpstart] ; move it up + a gear ; notch it up + a gear ; take it up + a gear ; take it up + a notch ; crank it up + a notch ; crank it up + a gear ; move it up + a notch ; rev up ; rev ; overexcite ; speed off.
Ex: In recent years, the pace of change has accelerated with the introduction of on-line information retrieval.
Ex: And since the main entry is the hub and most exacting aspect of our cataloging process, its replacement by a title-unit entry would greatly simplify the problem and expedite the operation of cataloging.
Ex: This type of checking can be delegated to the printer to speed publication of the abstracts journal.
Ex: APIF makes it possible to determine whether an item is in stock and to speed up and improve processing techniques.
Ex: Just as with all earth science literature, commercial publishers, societies, and government agencies have hastened to produce a wide range of data bases in CD-ROM format.
Ex: This natural ebb and flow necessarily picks up speed as change accelerates.
Ex: The author describes a novel approach which uses the power of household brands as a springboard to fast track adults into reading and writing everyday functional English = El autor describe un método novedoso que utiliza el poder de las marcas muy conocidas como trampolín para acelerar el aprendizaje de la lectura y la escritura del inglés básico en los adultos.
Ex: Jump-start your learning experience by participating in 1 or 2 half-day seminars that will help you come up to speed on the new vocabularies, processes and architectures underlying effective content management.
Ex: Liverpool and Chelsea are grabbing all the headlines, but Arsenal have quietly moved it up a gear scoring 10 goals in their last three league games.
Ex: Start gently, ease yourself in by breaking the workout down into three one minute sessions until you are ready to notch it up a gear and join them together.
Ex: There was not much to separate the sides in the first ten minutes however Arsenal took it up a gear and got the goal but not without a bit of luck.
Ex: We have a good time together and we're good friends.. but I'd like to take it up a notch.
Ex: David quickly comprehended our project needs and then cranked it up a notch with impactful design.
Ex: Went for a bike ride with a mate last week, no problems so will crank it up a gear and tackle some hills in the next few weeks.
Ex: After a regular walking routine is established, why not move it up a notch and start jogging, if you haven't already.
Ex: At one time today, after adding starting fluid, the engine did start and was starting to rev up pretty quickly.
Ex: The left side plug has carbon on it yet the right side has none and its cool even after revving it for some time.
Ex: Her mother scolded him for overexciting her before eating.
Ex: When police tried to stop her, she sped off through a built-up area and jumped a red traffic light, despite her children telling her to stop.
* acelerar el paso = quicken + Posesivo + pace ; smarten + Posesivo + pace ; speed up + Posesivo + steps ; pick up + Posesivo + pace.
* acelerar el proceso de deterioro = hasten + rot.
* acelerar el ritmo = quicken + Posesivo + pace ; smarten + Posesivo + pace ; pick up + Posesivo + pace ; go + faster.
* acelerar la marcha = go + faster ; quicken + Posesivo + pace ; pick up + Posesivo + pace ; smarten + Posesivo + pace.
* acelerarse = quicken ; rev up ; fluster ; be (all) in a flutter ; get + overexcited.
* acelerar un proceso = hasten + process.
* volver a acelerarse = re-accelerate.

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