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acceptable, admissible; tolerable



(adj.) = acceptable ; admissible ; eligible ; respectable ; qualifying ; passable ; unobjectionable ; so-so.
Ex: A 'see also' reference connects headings or index terms which are in some way related, where both of the headings are regarded as acceptable for use as headings for entries.
Ex: Single row direct coding restricts the numbering of coding positions and thus the number of admissible index terms to the number of holes that can be fitted around the edge of a card.
Ex: And yet, everyone knows that historically only a very small portion of the eligible users have ever crossed the threshold of a public library.
Ex: A crisp, even impression became the norm, along with the use of respectable paper and ink.
Ex: Any UK grant scheme may serve to provide qualifying grants.
Ex: Help is further hampered by flooding from the northeast monsoon as roads become passable.
Ex: Some actors, in order to try and help the meaning, pause slightly after the first line, and this is unobjectionable.
Ex: What type of circuitry makes the difference between a high-end audio mixer and a so-so mixer?.
* aceptable por el ordenador = machine-processable.
* aceptable socialmente = socially acceptable.
* de forma aceptable = adequately.
* no ser aceptable = be unacceptable.

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