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additional, extra; added; further; side

additional, additive


(adj.) = accompanying ; additional ; supplementary ; supplemental.
Ex: A summary differs from an abstract in that it assumes that the reader will have the opportunity to peruse the accompanying text.
Ex: The note area is the part of the description where it is permitted to include any additional information which the cataloguer feels may be of value to the user.
Ex: The hierarchical relationships associated with selected index terms may be revealed by displaying related terms beneath such terms in a supplementary list in the thesaurus.
Ex: Supplemental information was gathered about each library from Bowker's American Library Directory.
* cometido adicional = overhead operation.
* gastos adicionales = overhead costs.
* información adicional = additional information.
* ingrediente adicional de la pizza = pizza topping.
* resultado adicional = by-product [byproduct].
* sin costo adicional alguno = at no extra charge.
* tiempo adicional = extra-time.
* venta adicional de bienes o servicios = up-selling.

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