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administration, management (of an office, project, etc.); execution of managerial duties; people in charge of directing or managing, supervisors, leadership; dispensation of justice; (Caribbean) extreme unction

administration, management


(n.) = management ; running ; dispensation ; back office.
Nota: Usado para referirse a las funciones de administración/gestión de una empresa como opuestas a los servicios de cara al cliente.
Ex: The practice of librarianship requires performance of the same management functions irrespective of position.
Ex: The acquisition of these materials is a skilful job demanding the sort of dedication that a housewife brings to the running of her home.
Ex: The role of government publications in the provision of information is discussed as well as the new constitutional dispensation which came into being in September 1984 in the Republic of South Africa.
Ex: Benefits have been proven in the back office and now many organizations are applying it in customer facing applications.
* administración de archivos = archive(s) administration.
* administración de empresas = business administration.
* administración de justicia = administration of justice.
* administración del tiempo = time management.
* administración de personal = personnel administration.
* administración de recursos = husbandry.
* administración electrónica = electronic government (e-government).
* administración judicial = receivership ; administrative receivership.
* administración pública = public administration ; civil service.
* consejo de administración = board of trustees ; trustees ; directorate ; trust ; trustee board ; board of directors.
* consejo de administración de la biblioteca = library trustees.
* e-administración = electronic government (e-government).
* estudios de administración = management studies.
* Información para la Administración Pública (IPA) = Information for Public Administration (IPA).
* mala administración = mismanagement.
* miembro del consejo de administración = trustee.
* oficina de administración = administrative office.
* publicidad de la administración pública = public service announcement (PSA).
(n.) = administration.
Ex: When cataloguing a document issued by a regional government, the cataloguer must understand something of the geography and administration of the locality concerned.
* Administración Nacional para la Aeronáutica y el Espacio (NASA) = NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration).

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