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administer, manage, supervise; implement, execute; supply, dispense

administer, manage

to administer

(v.) = administer ; administrate ; mete out ; husband.
Ex: Until Groome appeared, city officials were chosen not so much for their ability to administer the affairs of their offices as for who they knew; hence, old-style machine politics with its accompanying corruption found a congenial atmosphere in which to operate.
Ex: The article 'Women in industry: where and how they administrate' concludes that there are fewer women in management than men and they earn less.
Ex: Governmental intervention has been criticized for the lenience of penalties meted out & the lack of a cohesive strategy.
Ex: Traditionally private collections were husbanded by private individuals until some institution felt it worthwhile to incorporate them into its own collection.
* administrar castigo = administer + punishment.
* administrar dinero = manage + funds.
* administrar el presupuesto = manage + funds.
* administrar el tiempo = manage + time.
* administrar justicia = dispense + justice.
* administrarse = pace.
* administrar tranquilizantes = sedate.
(v.) = pace.
Ex: Reference librarians can help alleviate technostress by establishing a relaxed, psychologically supportive atmosphere, pacing their instruction, and using active learning.

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