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afflict, distress, trouble; ail

aggrieve, depress

(v.) = afflict ; ail ; desolate ; vex ; distress.
Ex: There will also be those who have in fact decided what information they need but are afflicted by the paralysis of 'unverbalised thought'.
Ex: The federal government has been once again defined as something broken and part of the problem ailing America.
Ex: You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs; you cannot destroy the practices of barbarism which for centuries have desolated Africa without the use of force.
Ex: But today few people facing death or vexed by poverty would imagine that they could find hope, assistance, or even simple comfort in a visit to an academic philosopher.
Ex: What distressed him most was his being so short; he did not mind so much his ' hideous' face, as being so short.
* afligirse = become + distressed ; grieve.
* problema + afligir = problem + afflict.
* sentirse afligido = feel + hurt.
(v.) = become + distressed ; grieve.
Ex: At least two publishers have themselves become so distressed at how their books are being mislabelled by LC subject cataloging through CIP that they're now printing their own homemade cataloging in publication data. Ex: If we take Cindi, Albert will almost surely grieve.

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