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slacken, loosen; ease, relent; relax, let up; fork out


(v.) = loosen ; slacken ; remit ; dish out ; let up.
Ex: Reader use, exhibitions and reproductions, age, pigment damages, and the dry air caused by the radiators, often cause the layer of pigment in the miniatures of old manuscripts to loosen or flake off.
Ex: The trend direct supply of books to schools shows no sign of slackening.
Ex: The fever was resolved and the skin lesions started to remit during the following 3 weeks.
Ex: Seattle police had to dish out $8000 after wrongful arrest of a photographer.
Ex: We can't let up on that just because these are tough times and he's had a very successful campaign.
* aflojar el paso = slow down ; slow up.
* aflojar la guita = cough up + money ; shell out + money ; shell out ; cough up + cash ; stump up.
* aflojar la marcha = slow down ; slow up.
* aflojarse = come + unstuck ; come + loose.
(v.) = come + unstuck ; come + loose.
Ex: If you are using the patch and it does come unstuck, try to stick it back on in the same area of the body. Ex: It appeared that the digger came loose on the trailer and fell onto the stone wall.

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