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alcohol, spirit, intoxicating liquid

alcohol, booze, liquor, spirits


(n.) = alcohol ; spirit ; booze ; liquor ; alchy [alchie].
Ex: Although users are better informed than non-users, they are fairly alike in their attitudes toward such issues as capital punishment and the effect of alcohol on driving.
Ex: A common defence of drivers against disqualification from driving for having a high blood alcohol level is to claim that they had unwittingly consumed a drink laced with added spirits.
Ex: I have to hand it to you, maybe you've got some booze in you or maybe you just like to hang loose, but you put on quite a show.
Ex: During the 14th century distilled liquors were commonly used as remedies for the Black Death.
Ex: Then I followed these two jokers to a liquor store where they got them some alchy.
* abusar del alcohol = drink + too much ; overdrink.
* abuso del alcohol = alcohol abuse.
* alcohol de madera = wood alcohol.
* alcohol de quemar = meths [meth, -USA].
* alcohol etílico = ethyl alcohol.
* alcohol isopropílico = rubbing alcohol ; isopropyl alcohol ; surgical spirit.
* alcohol metilado = meths [meth, -USA] ; methylated alcohol ; methylated spirit.
* alcohol metílico = wood alcohol ; methyl alcohol.
* alcohol para frotar = rubbing alcohol ; surgical spirit.
* alcohol polivinílico = polyvinyl alcohol.
* bajo los efectos del alcohol = under the influence ; under the influence of alcohol.
* beber alcohol = drink + alcohol.
* bebida baja en alcohol = low-alcohol drink.
* campaña contra la conducción bajo la influencia del alcohol = drink-drive campaign ; anti-drink-drive campaign.
* conducción bajo la influencia del alcohol = drink driving ; drunk driving.
* conducir bajo la influencia del alcohol = drive (while) under + the influence (of alcohol).
* consumo de alcohol = alcohol consumption.
* de alcohol = spirit-based.
* hábito de consumo de alcohol = drinking practice ; drinking habit.
* índice de alcohol en sangre = blood alcohol level.
* industria del alcohol, la = alcohol industry, the.
* problema con el alcohol = drinking problem.
* problemas con el alcohol = problem drinking.
* relacionado con el alcohol = alcohol-related.
* sin alcohol = alcoholfree.
* sin haber probado una gota de alcohol = stone-cold sober.
* tasa de alcohol en sangre = blood alcohol level.

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