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mistaken, mystify

(v.) = hallucinate.
Ex: As Gately wonders if he is dreaming or hallucinating, a series of words and phrases bombard his consciousness.
(v.) = blow + Posesivo + mind ; freak out ; flip out ; be flabbergasted ; be speechless ; be gobsmacked ; boggle + Posesivo + mind ; blow + Nombre + out of the water ; blow + Nombre + to bits ; head + spin (around) ; send + Posesivo + head spinning.
Ex: This is a book that treats its audience with respect while blowing their mind.
Ex: A boy on trial in the shooting death of his principal told investigators that he 'just freaked out' and pulled the trigger three times.
Ex: And this is coming from someone who had to be restrained in school after flipping out and kicking a bubbler.
Ex: They say they are flabbergasted and astounded by the decision to turn down their application.
Ex: Arriving at the Bouchaine Winery in early September, I was speechless as I glanced over the breathtaking views of the famous wine country for the first time.
Ex: Lorene, who cut her spurs fighting for equal pay, said she was `absolutely gobsmacked' at having won the award.
Ex: If something this simple boggled your mind you have the I.Q. of a cucumber.
Ex: Bonnie blew me out of the water -- only a few people knew about something that happened to me and she hit the nail right on the head.
Ex: But I did consider him a friend and recieving such a cold look from him blew me to bits.
Ex: There's so many fine women that my head is spinning.
Ex: You'd think she'd be used to running into lockers now but the pain still sent her head spinning.

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