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pupil, student; schoolchild; schoolboy; scholar

sophomore, pupil


(n.) = pupil ; student ; learner.
Ex: It describes the annual hobby exchanges week for 6th grade pupils at King's Cristian School library, when pupils swap collectable items eg baseball cards, stamps, coins and shells.
Ex: Schoolchildren, students, and other whose native language is written in a non-Roman script may find alphabetical order according to Roman characters an almost insurmountable hurdle in the use of catalogues and indexes.
Ex: Learning takes place in one environment but is put to work in another, and the learner is left to make the transition.
* alumna de un colegio de educación mixta = co-ed.
* alumno de autoescuela = learner driver.
* alumno de cuarto = fourth grader.
* alumno de cuarto año = fourth grader.
* alumno de cuarto curso = fourth grader.
* alumno de cuarto grado = fourth grader.
* alumno de primer año = first grader.
* alumno de primer curso = first grader.
* alumno de primero = first grader.
* alumno de quinto = fifth grader.
* alumno de quinto año = fifth grader.
* alumno de quinto curso = fifth grader.
* alumno de segundo = second grader.
* alumno de segundo año = second grader.
* alumno de segundo curso = second grader.
* alumno de séptimo = seventh grader.
* alumno de séptimo año = seventh grader.
* alumno de séptimo curso = seventh grader.
* alumno de sexto = sixth grader.
* alumno de sexto año = sixth grader.
* alumno de sexto curso = sixth grader.
* alumno de tercer año = third grader.
* alumno de tercer curso = third grader.
* alumno de tercero = third grader.
* alumno de un año = grader.
* alumno de un curso = grader.
* alumno en régimen de internado = boarding pupil.
* alumno interno = boarding pupil.
* alumno no aplicado = underachiever.
* alumno que hace novillos = school truant ; truant.
* alumno que hace rabona = school truant ; truant.
* alumnos = taught.
* alumno trabajador = student staff.
* antiguo alumno = alum.
* asociación de antiguos alumnos = alumni association.
* Asociación de Madres y Padres de Alumnos (AMPA) = Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).
* asociación de padres de alumnos = Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).
* curso para alumnos con matrícula libre = part-time course.
* número de alumnos matriculados = enrolment [enrollment, -USA].
* número limitado de alumnos matriculados = limited enrolment.
* relacionado con los alumnos = student-related.
* reunión de antiguos alumnos = alumni reunion ; class reunion.

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