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lean, rest against; recline; hold up, prop up; support, prop; sustain; underwrite

maintain, supporte, espouse, abet, to support

lean, to

to support

(v.) = back ; boost ; endorse ; espouse ; give + support ; give + weight to ; lend + weight to ; offer + support ; support ; sustain ; align + Reflexivo + with ; prop ; buttress ; lend + support ; undergird ; bolster ; add + weight to ; add + Posesivo + weight to ; buy into ; shore up ; back into ; second ; ditto ; stand by ; rally (a)round ; rally behind ; plump for ; forward ; back + Nombre + up ; root for ; prop up ; stick by + Posesivo + side ; be behind + Alguien.
Ex: Co-operative, carefully planned and financed internationally backed efforts have been the keynote of more recent activity.
Ex: If the title is selected by a book club this helps boost the print-run and overall sales.
Ex: These rules follow a general trend in filing practices in endorsing the 'file-as-is' principle outlined below.
Ex: Most respondents espoused the latter view as an appropriate response to IT developments to date.
Ex: If support for quality cataloging is not going to be given, I think we should give it up entirely.
Ex: The resulting compromise in the overall design principles followed is, therefore, likely to give greater weight to these conventional needs.
Ex: They can bring into relief differing conditions in member countries and they often lend weight to arguments for or against various policy options.
Ex: I have many people to acknowledge, beginning with my co-editor who offered untiring support and many useful suggestions in putting together the institutes.
Ex: In order to support these three elements, and to ensure that schemes are updated it is important to have some organisation which takes responsibility for revision and publication.
Ex: Publishers in the United Stated benefit from a larger home market which serves to sustain the production of an information tool.
Ex: This article argues that fiction is an area of stock development which would readily achieve the goals of development with which public librarians have aligned themselves.
Ex: The type cases were propped up for use on a timber frame at a convenient working height.
Ex: Authors were often buttressed in their novel writing by other pieces of freelance writing.
Ex: The librarian who lends support to those who criticize the organization which employs him is likely also to find his position difficult.
Ex: Both libraries sought to undergird their partnership essential to a central role in collegiate education.
Ex: Bibliometric studies used to bolster the subjective opinions of librarians are not always useful for specialized areas.
Ex: Measurement of library activities can provide the evidence to erase misconceptions and add weight to those aspects of service that present a more powerful image = La medición de las actividades bibliotecarias puede proporcionar las pruebas necesarias para erradicar falsas ideas y apoyar aquellos aspectos del servicio que presentan una mejor imagen de la biblioteca.
Ex: But the unions were able to add their weight to the authority of the parliamentary investigators in bringing the worst excesses of unregulated apprenticeship and of working conditions under control = No obstante, los sindicatos pudieron reforzar la autoridad de los investigadores parlamentarios para controlar los peores excesos que se cometían en el aprendizaje de un oficio y las condiciones laborales sin regularizar.
Ex: The vendor, like the academic librarian it services, it must buy into the mission of the academic institution.
Ex: This project seeks to return control of scholarly publications to the academy and to shore up the case for publication of genuine scholarly works.
Ex: To the best of my knowledge, most of the big research libraries backed into the world of media = Según mi opinión, la mayoría de las bibliotecas académicas apostaron por adquirir todo tipo de soporte.
Ex: Most of the proposals for establishing gender studies were seconded.
Ex: I received mine yesterday and I'll ditto the fact that they look very professional.
Ex: It's hard to believe she stands by a man who gets his kicks out of beating her black and blue everynight.
Ex: I recalled how bereft we felt when we lost our son and how friends and neighbours rallied round and offered a shoulder to cry on.
Ex: The second group, who rallied behind McCarthy, was composed of students and intellectuals who were vociferous against the war.
Ex: There is some discussion as to what RSS stands for, but the majority plump for 'Really Simple Syndication'.
Ex: In order to forward the mission of the University, specific programs will be targeted for growth, consolidation, and possible elimination.
Ex: Often they use rather fancy words, such as 'theoretical models' or 'constructs' or 'paradigms' to describe what are, very frequently, no more than hypothetical ideas or categorisations which have little empirical evidence to back them up.
Ex: I didn't know her from Adam but started rooting for her from day 1 of the competition.
Ex: The Obama administration believes that propping up dicey governments is in the national best interest.
Ex: I'd love to see that son of a bitch roasted on a spit, but only God knows why she's sticking by his side.
Ex: We told her that we are behind her no matter what happens.
* apoyar al ganador = side with + the winner ; side with + the winning side.
* apoyar Algo completamente = put + Posesivo + muscle behind + Nombre.
* apoyar de nuevo = reendorse.
* apoyar en = lean against.
* apoyar la idea = endorse + the idea.
* apoyar la necesidad de = endorse + the need (for/to).
* apoyar + Posesivo + argumento = support + Posesivo + case ; buttress + Posesivo + case ; back up + Posesivo + story.
* apoyar + Posesivo + idea = support + Posesivo + idea ; sustain + Posesivo + idea.
* apoyarse en = lean on/upon ; inform.
* apoyarse sobre = rest on/upon.
* apoyar una causa = forward + cause ; support + a cause.
* apoyar una idea = favour + idea ; support + an idea.
* apoyar una opinión = support + Posesivo + contention.
* apoyar un argumento = support + Posesivo + contention.
* apoyar una tesis = give + weight to the claim that.
* persona que apoya una moción o propuesta = seconder.
* que apoya moralmente = supportive.

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