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value, prize, esteem, cherish; assess, estimate, appraise

respect, regard

to appreciate

(v.) = appraise ; appreciate ; gain + an appreciation ; have + a feeling about/for ; cherish ; relish ; taste ; prize [prise, -USA] ; take in ; look up to ; hold + Nombre + dear.
Ex: If one walks round a large general booskshop and carefully appraises the stock on display it becomes clear quite quickly that there are many types of books which seem to bear a strong similarity to each other.
Ex: Most users would appreciate disciplines placed adjacent to related disciplines.
Ex: The students have gained an appreciation of how their library skills can contribute to furthering knowledge about the culture of their country.
Ex: But if you have a certain feeling about language, then language ends up becoming very, very important.
Ex: The British Museum Reading Room is filled with cranks, hacks, poverty-stricken scholars who cherish their hobby.
Ex: They all relish a fast paced working environment, rapid change and constant challenges to traditional notions of what a library and library work should be.
Ex: Professional skills are enhanced by the opportunity which IFLA provides to taste the cultures of other countries in a very accessible (dare I say privileged?) way.
Ex: She was so poor that she had nothing but one single hen, which she prized as the apple of her eye.
Ex: People like to browse the books and magazines, take in the ambiance, and be seen and perceived as a patron of the arts and literature.
Ex: No mattter how high I get, I'll still be looking up to you.
Ex: Cuts in Government agriculture spending are an attack on everything we hold dear in this country.
* apreciar mejor = gain + an appreciation.
* apreciar muchísimo = treasure ; think + the world of ; think + highly of.
* capaz de apreciar = appreciative.
* saber apreciar las cosas buenas de la vida = appreciate + the good things in life.
* saber apreciar lo bueno de la vida = appreciate + the good things in life.

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