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frighten, scare, alarm; startle

frighten, scare

to scare

(v.) = frighten ; scare ; startle ; make + things scary for ; freak ; shock ; spook.
Ex: What frightens me about OCLC is the fact that I am disturbed by the integrity of their kind of cataloging.
Ex: 'Punch' satirised the opponents more cruelly: 'Here is an institution doomed to scare the furious devotees of laissez faire'.
Ex: I was a little startled in some ways by a statement that other decisions have been directed towards achieving a consistent form of heading.
Ex: The article has the title 'Things that go bump in the night: net newbies are maturing -- and making things scary for the traditionals'.
Ex: When I had a similar problem I freaked and instead of going to my manual I called tech support.
Ex: The gush of water could serve many purposes and was prescribed to soothe, to refrigerate, to stop a swelling, to widen pores, to shock the patient.
Ex: The noise spooked the animals, and many stampeded over a cliff to their deaths.
* asustar a Alguien para que haga Algo = frighten + Nombre + into.
* asustarse = alarm ; panic ; scare + Reflexivo ; shy ; feel + frightened.
* asustarse de = be scared of.

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