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interception; shortcut
intercept; tackle


it took a short cut

(n.) = shortcut.
Ex: If they are novices, the search should proceed meticulously, step by step; if they are sophisticated, shortcuts may work.
* atajo de teclado = hotkey ; keyboard shortcut.
* coger un atajo = take + a shortcut.
* tomar atajos = take + shortcuts.
* tomar un atajo = take + a shortcut.
* tomar un atajo por = cut across.
(v.) = tackle ; come to + terms with ; cut across ; take on + board.
Ex: Chapter 2 tackles books, pamphlets and printed sheets, and chapter 3 is dedicated to cartographic materials.
Ex: Much of the conventional wisdom of librarianship is going to have to undergo what is so aptly described as an 'agonizing reappraisal' before we can come to terms with the new information age.
Ex: He looked up and saw two figures cutting across the field, a colored man and woman, each carrying a bottle.
Ex: It's not often that I take on board the views of the execrable Katrina Heuvel, but sometimes she inadvertently puts things in a highly useful perspective.
* atajar un problema = grapple with + a problem.
* sin atajar = unconfronted.

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