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tie, bind, fasten with a rope or cord
tie, bind, fasten; shackle


to tie, to fasten

(v.) = tether ; strap ; tie up ; lash ; truss ; rope.
Ex: The book reached the limits of its potential as an information carrier long ago and libraries unfortunately allowed themselves to become tethered by those limitations.
Ex: Microfilm is said to have been invented during the Franco-Prussian War, to send reduced diagrams of troop positions by strapping these to the legs of carrier pigeons.
Ex: Short wedges, or quoins, were then put in between the long wedges and the inside of the chase, loosely at first so that the string with which the pages were tied up could be unwound and removed.
Ex: Gather the eight garden stakes together teepee-style around the center stake and lash them in place securely with garden wire.
Ex: Learn how to truss a chicken for oven cooking in this free cooking video.
Ex: His thighs and knees were then roped to the arm rests.
* atar a = tie (to) ; lash (up) to.
* atar con cadenas = chain.
* atar con correa = leash.
* atar con traílla = leash.
* atar de pies y manos = hogtie.
* atar (los) cabos sueltos = tie up + all the loose ends ; put two and two together ; join + the dots ; connect + the dots.
* cerrar atando = tie + Nombre + shut.
* de atar = blithering.
* estar loco de atar = be nuts ; be crackers ; have + bats in the belfry.
* imbécil de atar = blithering idiot.
* la mujer atada a la pata de la cama = a woman's place is in the home.
* loco de atar = stark raving mad ; raving mad ; raving lunatic ; stir-crazy ; barking mad.
* volver a atar = re-tie.
* volverse loco de atar = go + stir-crazy.

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