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delegacy; delegation, deputation; (Mexico) police station

deputation, delegation legation


(n.) = delegation ; branch ; mission ; deputation.
Ex: His obsessive concern for detail precluded the delegation of responsibility to others.
Ex: The most significant response has been the growth in every town of a widening range of citizen action groups -- consumer groups, parent-teacher associations and branches of CASE, Shelter groups, Civic Trust groups, tenants' and residents' associations and many other kinds of 'grass roots' organisation.
Ex: His fascination with collecting pictorial representations of the old Spanish Franciscan missions in California is well known.
Ex: A deputation agreement provides for a person functioning as a company employee to serve under another company temporarily.
* delegación de educación y ciencia = local education authority (LEA).
* delegación de organismo público = public sector agency.
* delegación de responsabilidad = empowerment.
* delegación de sanidad = hospital board.
* nombrar una delegación = appoint + delegation.

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