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to delight

(v.) = enchant ; delight ; please ; wallow in.
Ex: The article 'The power to enchant: puppets in the public library' describes the construction of a puppet theatre in a public library.
Ex: Libraries must begin seriously to assess how well they are anticipating, meeting, and delighting students and faculty.
Ex: By polar contrast the book for the mass culture reader, the 'consumer', simply aims to please.
Ex: This has produced the matriarchal system in society on the one hand, and well-rounded libraries organized under the slogan 'Libraries are for wallowing in' on the other.
* deleitar los oídos = please + the ears.
* deleitarse = savour [savor, -USA] ; relish ; gloat (over).
* deleitarse con = revel in.
* deleitarse en = delight in.
* deleitarse mirando = feast + Posesivo + eyes on.
(v.) = savour [savor, -USA] ; relish ; gloat (over).
Ex: Some books provoke vocal responses, a kind of literary effervescent effect, while others seem to turn people in on themselves, when they prefer to say nothing but savor the reading in silence. Ex: They all relish a fast paced working environment, rapid change and constant challenges to traditional notions of what a library and library work should be. Ex: Speaking personally, I do not like to gloat -- I like to think we can be generous in victory and gracious in defeat.

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