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disorder; discomposure; bewilderment; discomfiture, embarrassment
disconcert, discompose, fluster, worry; confuse, cause disorder

bewildering, discomfiture, bewilderment

(n.) = puzzlement ; bewilderness ; confusion ; disarray.
Ex: Often we 'hide' our puzzlement behind comments like, 'I didn't like the way the story ended, did you?' or 'I wasn't convinced by the husband as a character'.
Ex: The article 'Library scavenger hunts: a way out of the bewilderness' describes the use of library scavenger hunts to teach high school and college students research strategies and to make library use both enticing and enriching.
Ex: In particular, when one command means one thing in one system and something else in another system this is likely to lead to confusion.
Ex: The cult of personality has been used to good effect by the Thatcher team, aided by disarray in the opposition.
(v.) = puzzle ; bewilder ; baffle ; bemuse ; disconcert ; mystify ; perplex ; grow + confused ; throw + Nombre + off balance ; discomfit ; faze ; nonplus ; vex ; throw + Nombre + off ; throw + Nombre + off course ; throw + Nombre + off track ; throw + Nombre + out of whack ; embarrass ; boggle ; flummox.
Ex: The repetition of the author's name introduces new esoteric punctuation which is bound to puzzle the catalog user.
Ex: Often the publisher would deliberately edited the copy of a book, substituting English spelling for American and vice versa, and changing the text if he thought it would bewilder or offend his customers.
Ex: As the domain expands, the problem of rule formalisation may even baffle a human expert.
Ex: The student must not let himself be bemused by sheer statistics.
Ex: On the negative side, the Britannica's complicated arrangement will continue to disconcert some users.
Ex: 'What mystifies me' -- she paused, searching for the proper words -- 'what mystifies me is the hold he seems to have over you and the staff'.
Ex: If when you are working you come across a problem which perplexes you, you should write to someone in the field who may be able to help you.
Ex: This article discusses one case that illustrates how even well trained federal prosecutors can grow confused about how to apply the intellectual property law.
Ex: At first, analyzing the way he went about his work eroded his confidence, threw him off balance, dimmed some of his energetic spirit.
Ex: What many people miss is that part of his talent is to amuse and discomfit his audience at the same time.
Ex: Arranged marriages, which are so the norm here in India, always seem to faze the non-Indians.
Ex: The spectacle in front of Bertie was enough to nonplus anyone -- Gussie in scarlet tights and a pretty frightful false beard.
Ex: The gossip this weekend was that he has even been vexed by the problem of how to remove wild rabbits from the racing circuit before the Queen's visit.
Ex: I asked a number of times what was going on, and she kept denying anything saying that it was the trip that threw her off.
Ex: His sudden death in 2006 threw her off course for a year before she could settle down to translate her copious notes into the novel.
Ex: If you look around at the people you know, every one of them has done something stupid that threw them off track.
Ex: When this is all sorted out I think we're going to find that he was probably taking too much of the wrong prescription and it just threw him out of whack.
Ex: Native American children should have books that do not demean or embarrass them or their heritage nor put them on a pedestal.
Ex: I was a little girl from California who had never seen snow, and I was boggled by it.
Ex: While a lot of humans are quick to say they love dogs, there are just as many who feel totally flummoxed by their dog's behavior.

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