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disconnected; off line, condition in which a computer is not connected to another computer or to an Internet service provider; desultory; unconnected
disconnect, terminate a connection; turn off, switch off



(adj.) = disconnected.
Ex: Poor housing conditions include many things, such as leaking pipes, damp, dangerous electrical wiring, disconnected power or water supplies and other.
* desconectado de = unrelated to ; out of touch with.
* desconectado, lo = unconnected, the.
(v.) = turn off ; disconnect ; disengage ; decouple ; break away ; unhook ; unlink.
Ex: Trapping must be turned off by hand when the document has been picked up by the borrower.
Ex: If a drive is disconnected or if a drive door or tray is open, a message similar to the following will appear.
Ex: The ribbon must be disengaged so that the metal typefaces strike the wax sheet directly.
Ex: The physical library will probably become less viable over time and so it is important to decouple the information professional from the library unit.
Ex: Maybe, just maybe losing motivation is a way that our body tells us we need to break away for a while.
Ex: The battery went dead so I unhooked it to charge it and now the radio will not work.
Ex: This error indicates that the file is being used by the system in such a way that it can't be unlinked.
* desconectarse = log off ; log out ; sign off.
* desconectarse automáticamente transcurrido un tiempo determinado = time out.
* desconectarse del mundo = be dead to the world.
* desconectarse del mundo real = switch off from + the real world.
* desconectar una alarma = silence + an alarm.

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