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darun-dam/nafas-kaši (pbp.)
fra. inspiration et expiration : dam o bâz-dam

2 eng. impulse
darun-andixta-gi (barâ ye âfarineš)
elhâm (ar.)
« Vivre, c'est enregistrer. Ce qu'on appelle l'inspiration, ce ne sont que les moments privilégiés où la cire humaine trouve aiguille adéquate. »

(Georges Perros)
L'inspiration est décidément la sœur du travail journalier.

Obedience to the impulse is very unlikely to do much harm, and may well do great good. The practical difficulty is to distinguish such impulses from desires which produce similar manifestations. Many young people wish to be authors without having an impulse to write any particular book, or wish to be painters without having an impulse to create any particular picture. But a little experience will usually show the difference between a genuine and a spurious impulse; and there is less harm in indulging the spurious impulse for a time than in thwarting the impulse which is genuine. Nevertheless, the plain man almost always has a tendency to thwart the genuine impulse, because it seems anarchic and unreasonable, and is seldom able to give a good account of itself in advance.
The direct impulse toward a kind of activity for its own sake must be distinguished from the desire for the expected effects of the activity.

(B. RUSSELL,Political Ideals)

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