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Lurch dans Persan
to incline," the direct descendant of Vulgar Latin *pendicare, itself the heir to the lexical riches of Latin pendere "to hang, weigh (as in hanging scales). Today's word is a relative of "spider" and "pansy." How? The original Proto-Indo-European root was *(s)pen- "spin," with a wobbly [s]. "Spider" comes from an Old Germanic word meaning "spinner." "Pansy" comes from Old French pensee "though, remembrance" that goes back to Latin pendere, since thinking is a kind of weighing. How did Latin get "hang, weigh" from the original sense "spin"? "Spin" originally implied drawing yarn out of a bundle of wool and spinning it on a bobbin that hung from the hand.1 mâdde, eng. bend, lurch
(be piš yâ yak su )xam kardan
do-lâ šodan

2 andiša ; pencher à , pour, vers ; eng. incline to
grâ-y-eš dâstan
fra. penchant politique : eng. political leaning
I incline to the view that believing a sentence is a simpler occurence than understanding without belief ; I think the primitive reaction is belief, and that understanding without belief involves inhibition of the impulse to belief. What distinguishes beliefis readiness for any action that may be called for if what is asserted is a fact.

(B. RUSSELL, Human knowledge: its scope and limits (1948), p. 115-6)

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