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Pursuit dans Persan
=> poursuivrepay-kard/raft
I have lived to the pursuit of a vision, both personal and social. Personal: to care for what is noble, for what is beautiful, what is gentle : to allow moments of insight to give wisdom at more mundane times. Social: to see in imagination the society that is to be created, where individuals grow freely, and where hate and greed and envy die because there is nothing to nourish them.

(The Autobiography of B. RUSSELL, p. 728) pour- + suivre1 eng. go after
pay greftan
dar pay bud/âmad-an
pay(-gir/ju-i) kardan
Human beings, whose lifetime is allotted at one hundred years, should pursue three goals in life: virtue (Dharma), material success (Artha) and desire or pleasure (Kama) - each in its own way and its own time, but in harmony so that they do not clash with one another. Childhood should be devoted to religious education; youth and middle age to Artha and Kama; old age to Dharma.

(the Independent)
"Le mouvement vers la démocratie se poursuivra, avec ou sans nous"

(Mohammad Khatami)

2 fra. poursuivre qqn en justice, poursuites judiciaires ; eng. prosecute
be dâdgâh kašândan
pâ-pay šodan( e dâd-gostari)

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