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high, sublime, exalted yüce, yüksek

High, exalted, sublime

a man´s name, Ali. ––´nin külahýný Veli´ye, Veli´nin külahýný Ali´ye giydirmek to do business using the money one owes to others. high, exalted, sublime. 1. the letter A. 2. chem. A (argon). 3. mus. A (the sixth note in the scale of C major or the key based on this note). 4. used repeatedly at the beginning of a sentence to show astonishment: A a a! Bu ne böyle? What on earth is this? 5. used at the beginning of a sentence to show affection or pleasure: A caným, söyle! What is it, honey? A ne güzel! How nice! 6. used at the beginning of a sentence to show exasperation: A dostum, beni iflasa sürükleyeceksin! Look here my friend, you´re going to reduce me to bankruptcy. 7. used to show resignation or pity: A birader, felek hiç bize güler mi? Ah brother, will fortune ever smile on us? A zavallý, ne olacak hali? Poor man, what´s going to become of him? ––´dan Z´ye kadar from A to Z, completely, every single one of ...: Bu dosyadakileri A´dan Z´ye kadar biliyorum. I know what´s in this file from A to Z. A köse, sayýlmadýk kaç tel sakalýn var? colloq. Come on now, who do you think you are? (said to someone who has a very exaggerated idea of his own importance).

analog - analog

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