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bye, meso
space, gap, distance; break, breather, breathing space, short break; discontinuance, discontinuation, interruption, time out, cessation, chasm, check, discontinuity, interim, interlude, intermission, interregnum, interspace, interval, lull, recess
interim, recessional, interlocutory, intermediary, intermediate, mediate
look for, search for, search, seek, try to find, seek for, hunt, comb, search thoroughly, rummage, hunt after, hunt for, hunt out, be on the lookout fo, quest, rout, scout about, scout around, seek after; be spoiling for; miss; look for trouble

"distance, space; break, breather; break, playtime; interval, pause, cessation, intermission; interlude; half time; relation, terms, footing; intermediate, intermediary; middle"



"1. distance (between two things). 2. time between two events, interval. 3. relations (between people). 4. break (in a game); interlude; intermission. 5. space, spacing. 6. time, point in time. 7. intermediary, intermediate. ––da during the intervening time: Pazartesi ve cumartesi günleri gelir; arada hiç gözükmez. He comes on Mondays and Saturdays; on days other than these he´s not to be seen. ––dan in the meantime, meanwhile, during the intervening time: Aradan on gün geçmiþti. In the meantime ten days had gone by. ––sýna 1. between. 2. among. ––sýnda 1. between. 2. among. ––sýndan 1. from between. 2. from among. 3. through. ––larý açýk. They are not on friendly terms./Their friendship is broken. ––larý açýlmak to be on strained terms. ––larýný açmak /ýn/ to spoil (their) friendship, create a rift (between). ––larýna almak /ý/ to let (someone) join one´s group. ––da bir from time to time, now and then. ––larýný bozmak /ýn/, –– bozmak to destroy the friendship (between or among). ––larý bozulmak to be on strained terms. –– bölge buffer zone. ––larýný bulmak /ýn/, –– bulmak to reconcile, settle a dispute (between). ––da çýkarmak /ý/ to get (something) done when one has a spare minute, get (something) done in a spare minute, squeeze (something) into one´s schedule (said of a task done while one is in the midst of other work). ––dan çýkarmak /ý/ to get (something) done, get (something) over with (so that one can get on with other work). ––dan çýkmak 1. (for a pestiferous person) to absent himself/herself, leave. 2. (for a task) to be done, be over with, be finished (so that one can get on with other work). ––larýnda daðlar kadar fark var. colloq. They are as different as black and white./They are as different as chalk and cheese. –– devlet buffer state. –– duvar partition, dividing wall. ––larýný düzeltmek /ýn/ to reconcile. ––sý geçmeden without delay, while the situation is still fresh. ––larýna girmek /ýn/ to work to reconcile (two people or two parties). ––ya girmek 1. to work to reconcile two people. 2. (for something unexpected) to interfere suddenly with the work in hand. ––ya gitmek 1. to go to waste. 2. to be lost in the confusion. ––sý hoþ olmamak /la/ 1. to be on bad terms with. 2. to dislike (something). ––da kalmak to suffer for mixing in a dispute between others; to be caught in the middle in an argument. ––larýnda kan olmak to have a blood feud (between). –– kapý communicating door. ––larýndan kara kedi geçmek/––larýna kara kedi girmek to be cross with each other. –– kararý provisional decision (of a court). ––larýna karýþmak /ýn/ to mix (with). ––larýnda karlý daðlar olmak to be far apart, be very different. ––da kaynamak to pass unnoticed, get lost in the shuffle. ––ya koymak /ý/ to ask (a third person) to mediate. –– limaný port of call. –– mal semifinished goods. –– seçim by-election. –– sýra/––da sýrada now and then, from time to time, occasionally. ––ya soðukluk girmek to have a coolness arise in a friendship. ––sý soðumak /ýn/ to lose its importance with the passage of time. ––sýný soðutmak /ýn/ to delay (a thing so that it is forgotten). ––yý soðutmak (for a friendship) to cool off. ––larýndan su sýzmamak to be very close friends. –– vermeden/vermeksizin continuously. –– vermek /a/ to take a break (from), stop doing (something) for a while. ––ya vermek /ý/ to waste. ––larý yað bal olmak to be intimate friends. ––yý yapmak 1. to become friends again, make up. 2. to reconcile friends who have quarreled."

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