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beat smb. to it, overcome, put off, get over, come through, bypass, circumvent, dish, dodge, escape, jump, let down, outwit, parry, pull through, shake, skip, slip, stall off, take, throw off, tide over, turn, ward off

"to make jump; to leap sth over sth; (hastalýk) to recover from; to overcome; to escape, to elude, to avoid, to weather, to doge; to throw sth/sb off, to get rid of, to cheat, to evade"

"/ý/ 1. to make (someone, an animal) jump; to get (someone, an animal) to jump; to let (someone, an animal) jump; to cause (someone, an animal) to jump, jump. 2. to overcome, kick (an illness); to handle (something difficult) successfully, deal with (something difficult) successfully, manage (something difficult) successfully. 3. to put (someone) off, get rid of (someone). 4. (for one news reporter) to scoop, get the jump on, report a piece of news before (another)."

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