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wanderer, dawdler, dosser, drifter, rover, straggler, stroller, yob
vagabond, idle, wandering, idled, straggling, strayed, straggly, vagrant

"idle, vagrant; hobo, tramp, vagabond, vagrant, loafer, drifter"

"1. (someone) who does little but knock about idly, who just wanders about idly, who just wanders about doing nothing, who is an idle rover; footloose, errant; vagabond. 2. out-of-work, unemployed. 3. distracted, confused. –– dolaþmak to wander around idly, rove idly. –– etmek /ý/ 1. to keep (someone) from doing his/her work, distract (someone) from his/her work. 2. to put (someone) out of work; to dismiss. 3. to turn (someone) into an idle rover or vagabond. –– olmak 1. to become an idle rover or vagabond. 2. to be distracted from one´s work. 3. to be put out of work."

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