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rule, authority, provision, sentence, decision, judgement [Brit.], judgment, verdict, adjudication, assize, award, conclusion, deliverance, dicta, dictum, doom, estimate, fiat, operation, predication, proviso, ruling, statute

decision, determination, provision, sentence, verdict

"rule, authority; command, edict; judgement, verdict; sentence, decree, judicial sentence/decision; government; effect, influence; importance; provision, condition"

judgment, provision, ruling, assessment, decision, conclusion

",-kmü 1. decision, sentence, decree, judgment. 2. assumption, opinion, thought. 3. sovereignty, sway, jurisdiction. 4. legality, authority, validity. 5. importance, effect, influence. 6. force, grip, hold. ––ünce as required by: kanun hükmünce as required by law. ––ünde equivalent to, in lieu of. ––ünü geçirmek /a/ to assert one´s authority over. ––ü geçmek 1. /a/ to have authority (over), carry weight (with). 2. (for something) to have become invalid; to have lost its effectiveness. –– giydirmek /a/ to pass sentence (on). –– giymek to be sentenced, be condemned. ––ünde olmak to be considered (as); to be of the same effect (as). ––ü parasýna geçmek to be able to pay for something (instead of having to beg for it). –– sürmek 1. to rule, reign. 2. to prevail. –– vermek 1. to arrive at a decision or opinion. 2. to pass sentence."

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