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news, information, knowledge, report, communication, datum, gen, griff, griffin, info, item, message, word, tidings, announcement

information, news

informed, knowing, having knowledge about "news, information, notice, communication, message; knowledge"


1. (doing something) having given notice that one is going to do it. 2. (being) informed in advance. "1. news, information, message, word. 2. knowledge. 3. formerly, gram. predicate. –– ajansý news agency. –– alma mil. intelligence. –– almak 1. /ý/ to hear, learn, get word of. 2. /dan/ to hear from. –– atlamak to miss a news scoop; to fail to print an item. –– atlatmak to scoop the news, get a scoop on the news. –– bülteni news bulletin, news report; newscast. –– çýkmamak /dan/ not to hear anything (from, about). –– filmi newsreel. –– geçmek to send out a news report or communiqué (by fax, telephone, etc.). –– göndermek /a/ to send a message (to). –– güvercini carrier pigeon, homing pigeon. –– kaynaðý news source, source. –– kipi gram. indicative mood. –– merkezi 1. mil. command post. 2. news bureau, news center, news desk. 3. information bureau. ––i olmak /dan/ to be informed of, know about. ––in olsun! colloq. You should know!/You should be informed! –– salmak/yollamak /a/ colloq. to send a message or news to. –– sýzdýrmamak not to let any information leak out. –– sütunu news column. –– toplamak to gather news. –– uçurmak /a/ 1. to send a message to (someone) secretly. 2. to send an urgent message to. ––im var. I know about it. ... –– ver! /dan/ colloq. Give me the lowdown on ...!/Give me the news about ...! –– vermek 1. /a/ to tell, let (someone) know, inform. 2. /ý/ to indicate that ..., show that ..., be a sign that .... –– yetiþtirmek /a/ to get the news or a message to (a place) on time. ––im yok. colloq. I know nothing about it./I haven´t heard it."

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