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counting, reckoning, calculation, computation, arithmetic, calculus, account, bill, count, estimate, score, settling, sum, sums


"calculation, calculus, computation; account; bill, check; estimate; arithmetic"

account, bill

"1. arithmetic. 2. calculation, computation. 3. account, financial record. 4. account, money owed or on deposit. 5. bill, check, tab (in a restaurant, bar, etc.). 6. estimate. 7. plan, expectation. ––ý as one would say, as in the case of (referring to a saying or to a known story): körlerle fil hesabý as in the story of the blind men and the elephant. ––ýna 1. in the name of. 2. for, from the point of view of. 3. to the account of, to. –– açmak /da/ to establish a (deposit, checking, charge, etc.) account at/with (a firm): Burç´a bankada hesap açtýlar. They opened an account for Burç at the bank. –– açtýrmak /da/ to open a (deposit, checking, charge, etc.) account at/with (a firm); /a/ to open a charge account with (someone): Hadi, bakkala hesap açtýrdý. Hadi opened a charge account with the grocer. ––a almak /ý/ to take (something) into account. ––ýný almak to receive what is owed to one. ––a almamak/katmamak /ý/ not to take (something) into consideration, to ignore (a possibility). –– bakiyesi balance (of an account); arrears. ––ýný bilmek to be economical, be careful with money. –– cetveli slide rule. –– cüzdaný bankbook, passbook. ––a çekmek /ý/ to call (someone) to account. –– çýkarmak to make out the accounts. ––a dökmek /ý/ to figure out the financial aspects of (something) on paper. –– dökümü list of expenditures or payments due. ––tan düþmek /ý/ 1. to deduct. 2. to write off (a loss, a person). –– etmek /ý/ 1. to count, enumerate. 2. to calculate, figure, compute. 3. to estimate, reckon. 4. to suppose, think. –– etmek, kitap etmek to think it/something over carefully. ––a geçirmek /ý/ to enter (an item) in an account. ––ýna geçirmek /ý, ýn/ to charge (something) to (someone´s, a firm´s) account. ––ýna gelmek /ýn/ to fit (one´s) views or interest, suit. ––a gelmez 1. countless. 2. unexpected. –– görmek 1. to pay the bill. 2. to settle accounts. ––ýný görmek /ýn/ 1. to settle (someone´s) account. 2. to punish, take care of, fix (someone´s) clock/wagon. 3. to murder, eliminate, take care of. –– günü doomsday. –– hulasasý fin. statement, summary of an account. –– hulasasý çýkarmak fin. to make out a statement. –– iþi embroidery made by counting the threads. ––ý kapamak 1. to pay a debt in full. 2. to drop a subject, close a discussion. ––ý kapatmak to close an account. ––a katmak /ý/ to take (something) into account. ––ý kesmek /la/ 1. to stop doing business with. 2. to cut all relations with (someone). –– kitap 1. after careful calculation. 2. after full consideration. ––a kitaba sýðmaz 1. incalculable. 2. imponderable. 3. inconsistent. ––ý kitabý yok. It has no limits./It is totally unsupervised. –– makinesi calculating machine, calculator. –– meydanda. It´s obvious. ––ta olmamak not to plan on, not to figure on (something); not to be part of the plan: Süreyya hesapta yoktu. Süreyya wasn´t part of the plan. –– özeti fin. statement, summary of an account. –– özeti çýkarmak fin. to make out a statement. –– sormak /dan/ to call (someone) to account. ––ý temizlemek to pay one´s account. –– tutmak 1. to keep the books, do the bookkeeping. 2. to keep a record. –– uzmaný accountant. –– vermek 1. to account for money received. 2. to give an explanation. ––ýný vermek /ýn/ 1. to account for (money received). 2. to give an explanation for, account for. ––ýna yazmak /ý, ýn/ to charge (something) to (someone´s, a firm´s) account. (...) ––ý yok. /ýn/ There´s no telling ...: Ýçtiðimiz kahvenin hesabý yok. There´s no telling how much coffee we drink."

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